Making Azure Synapse-SQL Pool Diagnostics data insightful — Data Collection

Azure Synapse Analytics

Setting Up Diagnostic data

Synapse Analytics — SQL Pool
Step 1 - Click on ‘Diagnostic settings’ in SQL Pool.
Step 2 - Click on +Add diagnostic setting for further option
Step 3 - Select events & its retention period.
Step 4 - Select ‘Archive to a Storage Account
Step 5 - Select storage account where logs will be stored
Diagnostic settings
insights-{metrics|logs}-{category name}/resourceId=/{resource Id}/y={four-digit numeric year}/m={two-digit numeric month}/d={two-digit numeric day}/h={two-digit 24-hour clock hour}/m=00/PT1H.json
Containers created by Diagnostic settings

Setting up Data Factory Pipeline

Data Pipeline (workflow)
ADF Data Pipeline
'storage_folder_path' -  Holds pre-defined folder path where logs will be saved. Eg: /SUBSCRIPTIONS/<Subscription Id>/RESOURCEGROUPS/<Resource Group Name>/PROVIDERS/MICROSOFT.SQL/SERVERS/<SQL Pool Server>/DATABASES/<Database Name>/'time_zone' - Hold which timezone ADF will be scheduled. Eg - 'India Standard Time''timeUnit' - Unit for subtraction , here taken as 'Day''timeInterval' - Value to be reduced , here taken as -1




Technology Evangelist/ Cloud Architect@Microsoft/Traveler

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Technology Evangelist/ Cloud Architect@Microsoft/Traveler

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